Emirates Nortech Surveys Inc. L.L.C. specializes in Topographical surveying, near shore bathymetric surveying, construction site surveying including setting out, establishment of very accurate building site survey control points, verticality control of the central core, vertical columns as well as the outer façade of highrise buildings. As you go through our website you will detect certain key factors why we feel you should consider Emirates Nortech Surveys Inc. L.L.C. the next time your company requires the assistance of a leading High - Tech Surveying Company. It’s also our intention to show you, the range of surveying services which we can provide with particular reference to requirements for present and future surveying works.

Our Mission

Emirates Nortech Surveys mission and aim is to supply the local United Arab Emirates Construction market with high class and high precision surveying services. Construction entities such as highrise buildings and large density shopping complexes / malls demand a survey in-put that guarantees that everything is built in the correct place. During the last decade, survey instrumentation has been developed at such a pace and with decimals of a millimeter accuracy that “getting it wrong” on site is becoming fairly difficult to achieve.

Due to these enormous differences and vast improvements in survey instrumentation accuracy, in comparison to yesteryear, Architects and Construction Design Engineers are designing buildings and other complicated engineering structures that can in fact be built and can be very accurately located both horizontally and vertically on the building site plot. Emirates Nortech Surveys L.L.C., throughout their 21 years of existence here in the United Arab Emirates has always strived to achieve and attain membership of a very limited group of survey companies who can supply such surveying services.